Get more done

Increase productivity with Office apps enhanced with the latest AI tools and online file storage.

Work the way you want from virtually anywhere.

Start a document on your desktop at the office, revise it on your tablet in the café, then add the finishing touches on your laptop at home. Apps are always updated, so they’re never outdated.

Work better together

Collaborate, share, and communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes.

Safeguard your data

Help protect your company against external threats and leaks with built-in privacy and compliance tools.

Let us help you

Contact us to help you get more done, faster and better with Office 365


Simple sharing and seamless collaboration

Empower sharing and collaboration on your intranet. Give people places where they can organize and collaborate on content, data, and news to stay on the same page.

Inform and connect your organization

Inform and connect your people with intranets and portals. Share common resources and applications and broadcast your message with rich, dynamic pages.

Intelligence and insights

Rely on powerful enterprise search to find files, sites, and people. Built-in intelligence delivers the most relevant results and helps you discover information and expertise around you.

Content management

Organize and manage content in libraries and lists with metadata, records management, and retention policies.

Empower your Company

Connect, Collaborate and Share with colleagues and clients

DocFusion 365

Flexible .Net API for multiple extension points in data transformation, processing and document processing layers
Scalable document template design allows final documents to be created with any level of complexity
Multiple Distribution Channels
Post-processing of documents allow for multiple distribution channels such as email, Sharepoint, file system, SMS and CMS
Digital Signing

Digital Signatures (biometric, tablet, visible/invisible, certificates, Cloud signing) and Dynamic Barcodes


Use your data to produce consistent documents
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